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Artificial Intelligence support for your coders to increase productivity and accuracy

PlatoCode - the Cure for the Common code
PlatoCode is one of the earliest and most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for clinical coding, delivering remarkable results for any code set that has a comprehensive index.

See Results Quickly

The PlatoCode engine does not need vast collections of coded Events or coders to train it.


The PlatoCode engine keep delivering as coding standards change.

Enhanced Capability

The PlatoCode Engine can code multiple code sets at the same time- even custom local code sets for Research.

How it works

All NLP solutions are likely to utilize standard AI techniques like Word Vectorization and Autocoding, but the PlatoCode solution adds a unique binary patterning process that retains all the rich clinical detail in a detailed medical record or chart.

Coding a Chart

After AI processing, the output is passed through one or more code set filters. Whenever patterns match, a correct code is displayed.

Code Set Filters

Any code set that has an index can have a code set filter. An Index is a list of clinical concepts with correct codes. This could be an official Volume 2 Index for an ICD code set, a locally-enhanced variant, or even a whole new code set for research or other purposes.

The PlatoCode engine creates its filter by expressing each index concept as its correct code. Then these patterns are inverted into a filter that is immediately accurate.

The main difference from other technologies is that clinical concepts can span multiple parts of a document, or even multiple documents. This can create difficulties for standard AI methodologies and their "training" techniques, but is immaterial to the binary pattern that can pull code components from anywhere in the documentation for the most comprehensive coding.

How it Works

Mimics the Coding Process

Because the PlatoCode solution retains the clinical detail in a medical chart, PlatoCode results are able to mimic the typical coding process that spans all available documentation. Diagnostic development over the course of an Event can be coded once, as the coder would expect, while contributing co-morbidities in dense repetitive prose are also sequenced in a rational fashion that the coder will recognize.

Coding Enhancement

PlatoCode can identify known co-morbidities that can affect DRG or reimbursement, but are not documented in an allowed document type for this Event. This assists the coder to search non-electronic documents for coding opportunities, or raise a physician query.


The PlatoCode technology has one of the earliest if not the earliest NLP patent for clinical coding, dating back to 1995. This is highly protective against "patent trolls" whose litigation can cause stifling effects internationally, even outside the patent jurisdiction if vendors are forced to alter their processes.

Merges into Codectomy

Platocode can be utilized for metadata to be consumed by other applications, or displayed in Codectomy as a coder panel. When used in Codectomy, coders can immediately see a co-ordinated display of the PlatoCode output with matching index entries and corresponding documentation.

Ask for a Demo!

The easiest way to see how the Platocode solution works and can start making a difference in your environment, is to ask for a demonstration. We'd love to show you how PlatoCode and Codectomy work together to maximize coding throughput, accuracy and reimbursement!