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Importing a coding rule

A Codectomy Rule is an encrypted file that can be safely emailed or stored on a local hard drive.

You can download rules from the Plato Health website, or by sharing with other Codectomy facilities or users.

To import a rule:

  1. Start up the Codectomy Rule Manager
  2. Click the Import button in the toolbar- see arrow in attached image.
  3. Navigate to the Rule file and Import it.

As long as the file you select is a valid Codectomy Coding rule, it will be imported.


Always confirm the action you want applied. An Alert means the Event cannot be finalized until the rule is satisfied. A Warning can be overridden by the coder, though bill-back or reject may result. An Informational rule simply raises a flag for coder attention.


You can change Rule sequence by dragging a Rule up or down to a different level. Usually Rule sequence is purely for readability, since all Action Rules are applied every time.


Finally, decide who needs access to the Rule. Usually you want Rules to apply to all coders; however, you may have some special rules for Senior Coders and others for Trainees.

Once imported, Codectomy will start applying your new Rule the next time affected coders log in.